What Brings Me Peace

By Ellyn McNamara Owner of Mama’s Kitchen Body Care

I have been thinking on this subject for a while since I was first approached about writing on the subject. Today during the start of my meditation it came to me. There are three basic things that bring me peace and they are; Meditation, Service to others, and praying deeply for others.

I started practicing meditation as a teenager. I have had fits and starts of periods where I wasn’t as consistent at my practice, but this practice has been a part of my life for 25 years now. As a person who has also suffered from depression for more than 25 years, this practice is invaluable in my efforts to keep depression in check. There are many different types of meditation. I practice a system of Kriya Yoga meditation which has been my sole type of meditation for 19 years. It is my daily practice. At times when anxiety is too intense and I am not able to practice meditation, I practice affirmations and devotion, or repetition of the names of God. Which name, does not matter so much as my own personal connection to the name and practice. I highly recommend finding a system of meditation that works for you and practice it. Don’t mix it with multiple practices, that’s like going to five doctors to get five medicines to cure one ailment. Work with one for a good amount of time to give it a chance to be effective. As you can see I have been practicing the same one for 19 years so my seeking of something that gave me peace beyond anything I’d experienced before ceased when I found Kriya Yoga.

The second thing that gives me peace is service to others. That can take many forms. For me it is as simple as doing things for others in a silent way without fanfare. Since I’m sure they won’t be reading this I will share something that I do for my mom and sister. I’ve borrowed or ridden in my little sister’s truck from time to time and I notice that her tire pressure is almost always uneven. Years ago our father taught me that this will affect the gas mileage and front end alignment so always keep the pressure balanced. Consequently, if I borrow her car I put air in her tires so that they are properly balanced. I don’t mention it, I just do it. For my mom I clean her stove. From time to time we cook together and I spend a night or weekend at her house. When I notice that the stove has splashes of oil or little bits of beans or greens left around it I wait until she’s gone for a time or asleep at night and I clean the stove. Again, I don’t mention it. I don’t even know if she notices it. I have done this for years. It doesn’t matter if she knows or not. I just do a little something to help. One other way to be of service to others is that I keep cash on me whenever I get paid, when there is a person in need of money at a store, gas station or whereever I give the person money no questions asked. Usually $10 or $20 each depending on what comes out of the ATM.

The final thing that gives me peace is praying deeply for others. Prayer is a way of focusing the attention to demand the highest good for others, for their healing, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, even financially or to send good will to their spirit after they have left this earth. Prayer is a way of remembering others in their time of need. I sometimes post on social media asking if anyone needs prayers. If so, I add them or their loved ones to my prayer book and at the end of my meditations I pray for them.

I hope that this gives you some ideas on how you can bring more peace into your own life and the lives of others.

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