Peace is a Priority

A moment of silence to reflect on that and what peace being a priority means. It means giving it more attention than other things, right? To that end, my peace is my responsibility just as your peace is your responsibility; and it should be one of high priority. You see, when I think of peace in terms of being high priority and a responsibility, I’m forced to make decisions to protect it. I’m forced to walk away without a point to prove. I’m forced to being okay with not having to have the last word. I’m forced to let some people, places and go. None of these things are easy yet I believe that holding on to these things would prevent or even prohibit my priority.

Now, before the side-eyes start rolling, know that I am in no way suggesting that I don’t speak my peace, state my claim or stand in my truth. What I am merely saying is that before I do that, I’m learning to consider how my truth manifests in the immediate moments following my action. I’m learning that my words or actions might impact my next few minutes, my work day, my Saturday chill, my Sunday fun-day. If me having the last word in a single moment has the possibility of ruining my next few moments of peace, it simply isn’t worth it to me.

For me, better than having a point to prove, better than making a popular decision, better than having the last word; is having my peace. I’d rather have peace. Wouldn’t you?

More later!

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